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About MyHome

MyHome is a platform that provides the individual homeowners with one consolidated overview – for the first time ever! MyHome is the result of an ambitious new partnership between two large, Nordic corporates and a strong innovation partner with the purpose of developing a consolidated platform with new digital services for European home owners.

Our MyHome strategy is about bringing digital solutions to home owners in order to create peace of mind. We want to create the largest and most relevant platform for home owners in Europe. MyHome is currently in the early MVP stage, but has funding to execute GoToMarket and initial scaling

MyHome is a digital, data-driven, AI-assisted platform, that offers holistic and impartial advice coupled with practical, real- world assistance and access to quality assured services and certified products as well as practical and helpful tools. A one- stop solution with easy access to everything I need as a homeowner. MyHome helps the homeowner and create active peace of mind based on the individual home and the individual homeowners’ preferences. MyHome helps to secure or increase the value of the home through impartial advice and automatically builds a home resume with all relevant house documents.

Product Owner

To help drive the development of the new platform we are seeking a Product Owner. The Product Owner role will help translate our strategic intent into tangible features and user experiences on the platform, making sure the home owner user experience is seamless and hassle free.

The Product Owner role needs to combine business knowledge with agile development processes to drive digital business development. Our external development partner teams are small, flexible and employ agile methodologies to quickly provide the solutions we need

The role

As Product Owner you will lead the development of a platform for digital products and services for home owners.

Your job will be to manage the backlog, incl. specifying requirements (user stories), and in general be responsible for both roadmap planning, scope management and sprint planning. You will be responsible for release management (prep. tech. release plans), test planning and IT operations and you will work in close tandem directly with our CEO.

An important part of your job will be to ensure development of user engagement/“pulse”, to develop user-to-user/“viral” marketing qualities and other ”killer features”.

Critical to our strategy is the development of a culture where ideas can be explored, validated and executed faster. To support this way of thinking and working, partnerships and external expertise are essential.

Important personality traits

  • Passion for agile and MVP approaches with an ability to bridge business and software development domains
  • Ability to understand, prioritize and translate business needs into user stories and back-logs


  • SCRUM Master and Product Owner training (preferably certifications) and knowledge of agile development methods and process facilitation (ex. Google Five Day Sprint methodology).
  • Proficient with drawing storyboards, creating wireframes, creating / ‘grooming’ product backlogs, writing user stories and developing acceptance criteria.
  • Pretotyping, graphical mock-ups and simple prototyping (hands on ability)
  • Customer engagement during rapid software development processes (Pretotyping, Google Five Days Sprint, etc.)
  • Ability to move between strategic discussions with senior leaders to tackle on the ground agile coaching with teams
  • Knowledge and understanding of technical engineering best practices (e.g., test driven development, continuous integration, etc.)


Min. 3 years of experience from digital product owner roles and digital product management in general.

Experience as both a team member and coach in the agile product owner and/or scrum master roles.


Bodil Haumann

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