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Satair skal i det kommende år gennemgå en ambitiøs og udfordrende digital transformation og vil derfor få brug for løbende at styrke deres team.

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About Satair Group

Serving airlines and MROs worldwide, Satair Group is a world leader within the commercial aftermarket and a truly global aerospace integrator

A typical passenger aircraft is made up of approximately 3 million different parts – and spare parts for routine maintenance are produced by more than 1,000 different manufacturers. Needless to say, this creates a very complex task at hand for all stakeholders in the global aerospace value and supply chain.

Satair delivers integrated services with everything from distribution, support and service; from insight into the technical components and the execution of repair to help minimise the repair turnaround time, to consistent performance against service levels that maximizes parts availability and innovative service solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership.

The potential of digital and data

From IoT technologies, to predictive modelling, enhanced customer experience and optimization of sales and services, digitalization of the Satair business represents af huge potential which Satair Group is highly dedicated to fully take advantage of. An ambitious and challenging endeavour for both the central digital teams and across functions.


Please contact us for more information regarding specific roles and/or Satiar as a company and place to work. Together we will assess your match to a current or future role.